The Pog Rejects, a quest in fomo and community outcasting

pog rejected
1 min readMay 9, 2022


These Rejects might or might not be people you know about. They may or may not have been involved in some high-profile NFT drops that were an astounding success.

These Rejects might or might not be tired of talking in Twitter spaces, Discords, and hangouts just to keep their brands alive. They may or may not be FUCKING TIRED of the general sentiment about what makes a PFP collection great.

This might or might not be an experiment in community concept dependency and artificial FOMO tools.

You might or might not end up being a holder of an innovative collection that will grow in scope until the end of 2022 with big partnerships lined up.
Who knows.

Pog’s twitter

The Pog Rejects will drop on the Ethereum blockchain on ??, 2022. More details about this drop can be found at

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